Ashok Binayak Temple (Maru Ganesh)

P834+J9V, Layaku Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Hindu temple Tourist attraction

Ashok Binayak Temple (Maru Ganesh) is a hindu temple and tourist attraction located in Kathmandu, Nepal. The average rating of this place is 4.60 out of 5 stars based on 445 reviews. The street address of this place is P834+J9V, Layaku Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal. It is about 0.04 kilometers away from Basantpur Palace Square. Ashok Binayak Temple (Maru Ganesh) is open seven days a week from 05:00am to 10:00pm.

Ashok Binayak Temple (Maru Ganesh)'s timetable
Tuesday 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Wednesday 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Thursday 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Friday 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Monday 05:00 AM - 10:00 PM
User Reviews

4 khagendra Prasad Bhurtel - a month ago

This Maru Ganesha also known as Ashok Vinayak or Hanumandhoka Ganesh is in a Marutol, Kathmandu. This temple, located on the South west side of Kathmandu Durbar Square, is a part of Maru Sattal (Kasthamandap).This Ganesha is considered one of the main four Ganeshas of Kathmandu Valley. The other three Ganesh shrines being Chandra Binayak, Surya Binayak and Jal Binayak. It was customary to perform every religious function in the royal palace here. It was believed that the temple was constructed by Gunakamadeva during the 10th century. A gold roof was put in this temple in the year 1904 during the reign of Surendra Vikram Shah. Especially on Tuesdays, there is a crowd of hundreds of visitors here. In common belief, the worship of Ashok Binayak before undertaking a new venture is said to bring perfection and fulfillment. It is believed that one simply circling the temple u0026 ringing of the bell brings good luck. It was of immense importance to the royal family that during important religious u0026 cultural occasions, they used to visit this temple.
Long ago people miraculously saw a stone image of Sri Ganesh here. As the area was cramped by the Ashok trees, the people could not add pinnacle to the temple and named it Ashok Binayak, after the trees.

5 Lava Kafle - 8 months ago

very popular god ganesh temple half human head of elephant embedded historical traditional cultural kathmandu durbar square market nepal

5 Alenka Amba - a month ago

Small Temple with strong Divine energy. Sree Ganesha Deva ????️????️????️

4 kanchan sharma - 3 weeks ago

It is under guthi and conserved by guthi our turn comes to serve there after every 3-4 yrs for 1 week and really famous temple of lord ganesh and he is really powerful ????

5 Bijesh Raj Pradhan - 6 months ago

Very nice place with a historic and religious importance can be reached easily with public vehicle.

5 Bhawani Shilakar - 2 months ago

Ashok Binayak (अशोक विनायक) is located in Kathmandu district at eastern side of Kathmandu Durbar Square in Maru Tole. This temple is of Lord Ganesha also known as Binayak. The god is worshipped as the god of luck by Nepalese. It is worshipped both by Hindus and Buddhists.

5 Zero World - 4 years ago

Very famous temple among neplease. Even from royal palace came for worship before starting any work or ceremonies. This temple is also known as maru gane dyaa that because this temple has open roof.

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