Hotel Rhino Land

HFHX+3P5, Ratnanagar 44200, Nepal
Bed \u0026 breakfast

Hotel Rhino Land is a bed \u0026 breakfast located in Ratnanagar, Nepal. The average rating of this place is 4.80 out of 5 stars based on 191 reviews. The street address of this place is HFHX+3P5, Ratnanagar 44200, Nepal. It is about 0.31 kilometers away from New Sauraha Tharu Cultural House.

User Reviews

5 Adi N. - 2 months ago

I had a really pleasant stay! Due to monsoon season, the place was very quiet. The owner Raj made us feel at home and also drove us to the bus station the day we left - can definitely recommend this place!

5 Ángela MSV - 5 months ago

all perfect! the day we arrived they gave us a free tour of the park. The next day they organized a full day walking safari for us and it was very exciting. the guides Kiran and binod are great! I recommend it to you!

5 isak bay - 7 months ago

To start things off I want to say that the room me and my friend got was very nice, spacious, clean and with hot water. The staff and the owner are the nicest people. The room and the food is also very cheap!

Me and my friend went on a two-day jungle walk with the guides Kiran and Binod, we would soon find out that their experience in the jungle would give great result. Both of them are born and raised very close to the jungle and knows it like the inside of their own pocket. Binod has been a guide for 12 years, and Kiran 7 years.
Both Kiran and Binod are very friendly and likeable guys, always sharing food and other goods, Definitely the guys you wanna go on a long hike with.
The first thing we did before entering the jungle was having a safety instruction wich made everything feel a lot more safe.

Without going into all the details in our trip i will try to summarise what we experienced. In total for the Two days we saw 13 rhinos(some closer than 50m), 1 tiger( we saw the same tiger 3 times because of Binod and Kirans excellent tracking skills), 1 elefant( called ronaldo, one of the largest males in the park), 4 bears ( one bear we saw around 40m away), countless crocodiles (both the marsh mugger and gharial. We saw the mugger mating in the water), 1 giant hornbill (probably the rarest bird of the bunch), 1 black stork, all the different types of deer( hundreds of them and sometimes at a really close range), 20-30 wild boar, many different bird species in all the colours of the rainbow, 10-20 peacocks ( both female and femal, males showing off their feathers whilst dancing), different types of monkeys(in total close to 100 monkeys), wild chickens and probably some more!

In addition to all this I want to point out that both Binod and Kiran’s knowledge about the jungle was impressive in many ways. For instance I had gotten food poisoned on my way to chitwan. When I told them about this they started looking for a plant they knew would help cure my stomach. They found it and i ate it, and the next day i was cured.
They also managed to differentiate between a lot of different pee and tell sich was a tigers or leopard and so on, and then use it to track the predators route.

If you want for travel to Chitwan from kathmandu and stay at Rhino Land, it is a very easy trip. You can take the bus from many different places in kathmandu, and when you arrive in chitwan the hotel owner or one of the staff will happily pick you up at the bus stop wich is about 15 minutes walking or 5 minutes by car.

All in all this was one of the most exciting experiences in our lives.

We will come back
cheers from two young men at 23 and 20

5 James Kolber - 5 months ago

Great location, if you stay 3+ days overwhelming odds you will see a rhino by the hotel. Rooms reasonable and extremely clean. Competitive prices for games drives and junglevwalks. Will be back.

5 Mahi mandy - 8 months ago

Best place to stay if you are visiting Chitwan national park. Raj is very helpful and kind. His dream house is what I loved the most with many plants and home for birds, garden area with resting nets, Home sweet home. Room are clean and spacious, food is yummy, sab kuch bahot hi sahi h. Raj has knowledge of every detail you need of Chitwan.

5 Surendra Surendra Chaudhary - 5 months ago

Nice hotel at sauraha, Clean room with garden.great location.

5 Lenny G - a month ago

Peaceful place, nice food, great hospitality
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