Saptakoshi Hospital & Nursing Home

C7WH+V3M, Binayak Marg, Biratnagar 56613, Nepal
Private hospital

Saptakoshi Hospital & Nursing Home is a private hospital located in Biratnagar, Nepal. The average rating of this place is 3.30 out of 5 stars based on 23 reviews. The street address of this place is C7WH+V3M, Binayak Marg, Biratnagar 56613, Nepal. It is about 0.85 kilometers away from Bhatbhateni Supermarket. Saptakoshi Hospital & Nursing Home is open seven days a week 24 hours a day.

Saptakoshi Hospital & Nursing Home's timetable
Thursday 24hr open
Friday 24hr open
Saturday 24hr open
Sunday 24hr open
Monday 24hr open
Tuesday 24hr open
Wednesday 24hr open
User Reviews

1 Kshitiz Tharu - a year ago

Even though during covid situation, hsptl kept the patient close to each other; not maintaing the distance. Even after making request,cleaning staff shouted to keep patient bed number n didn't allow to skip the bed numbers.

Advise- if u ever visit it bring a separate cradle for the child because we got shouted by the cleaning staff to keep the baby and the mother in the same bed; without considering the fact that mother is of big size ( huge body) and the critical condition of mother who has gone through operation.

1 kshitiz tharu - a year ago

Lacks empathy, co-operativeness and kindness. The nurse who assist in the OT has got huge ego and attitude problem which see express on the weekest guardian ( one with the problem of speaking nepali fluently).

One of the Patient's guardian who come for treatment sees everyone in the hospital ; be it the doctors or the nurse or the cleaning staff, everyones as the form of God can't speak nepali fluently so she asks her for something in her own native language (maithili) , where the sister doesn't try to understand and shouts at her and start telling that it's not her job (thats not what she is paid).

I wonder ???? that is it actually the hospital fault? Have they not being paying to the staff adequately or not traing their staff the basic human behaviour?

1 Anil Sing - a year ago

Doctors are good. But management very weak especially the cleaning staff. They were always shouting shouting . Didn't get a sound and proper environment for child and the monther.????????????.

1 Tejilal Rajdhami - 2 years ago

emmergency service is not so good. Even your patient is in serious condition doctor won't come. Staff use to play pubg .

3 Bijayaraj Ghimire - 4 years ago

One of the oldest hospitals in Biratnagar!

1 Mahen Rajdhami - 2 years ago

Poor service. They refer to other hospital if case is critical.

4 Niraj Rajbanshi - a year ago

Good hospital with hospitality environment

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