Sai Dental Clinic And Orthodontic Care

Hospital Road, Janakpur 45600, Nepal

Sai Dental Clinic And Orthodontic Care is a hospital located in Janakpur, Nepal. The average rating of this place is 5.00 out of 5 stars based on 106 reviews. The street address of this place is Hospital Road, Janakpur 45600, Nepal. It is about 0.15 kilometers away from Janaki Mandir. Sai Dental Clinic And Orthodontic Care is open seven days a week from 10:00am to 05:00pm.

Sai Dental Clinic And Orthodontic Care's timetable
Saturday 10:00 AM - 02:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Monday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
User Reviews

5 Manish_ - a month ago

Highly qualified, experienced u0026 skilled dental surgeon in janakpur. One must visit for dental related queries u0026 consultation.

5 anki shri - a year ago

Clinic is well maintained and has all facilities. I was recommended to this clinic by a relative of mine for tooth extraction.
The doctor performed the extraction with utmost care and patience. I never felt the pain and am very happy with the treatment post extraction.
Doctor Rahul is very friendly and has a very good knowledge in dental field. I would recommend him anytime

5 Chandan Purbey - 10 months ago

Awesome guy with a great sense of humor. I really enjoy my visits with Dr. Rahul Gupta! I also like how he treats you with kindness and makes you feel less nervous about procedures. I would highly recommend him.


5 riya gupta - 2 years ago

Sai Dental Clinic is one of the best clinics in Janakpur. Gone are the days when we travelled to bigger cities for dental consultation and treatment. High quality services provided by power couple Dr. Rahul Gupta and Dr. Sonam Gupta at very affordable prices.
The clinic is hygenic, equipped with latest equipments. I highly recommend the clinic. Keep up the good work.

5 Anjali Govind - 2 years ago

Keep up the good job ????
We don't have to travel to big cities anymore.
One of the best dental clinic of Janakpur.
Professional and experienced doctor.
Dr. Rahul Gupta is very professional. The best thing is that he devotes sufficient time to each patient and don't
compromise on the quality of work.
Had a great experience.

5 Prakash Gupta - 2 years ago

I have been visiting Dr. Rahul since last 3 years. One of the best dentist I have ever met in my life. Dr. Rahul is very compassionate and he heard me completely. The clinic is well equipped, with modern facilities. I would surely recommend him to everyone.

5 Mohit Shah - 3 years ago

I got my treatment from Dr Rahul Gupta. He is very experienced and understands his patients problem very well. The clinic has modern equipments. The doctors here inspire confidence. The place proves how the dental treatment is absolutely painless. Sophisticated yet economical treatment options. Highly recommended.

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