First World Hotel

Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia

First World Hotel is a hotel located in Genting Highlands, Malaysia. The average rating of this place is 4.00 out of 5 stars based on 25767 reviews. The street address of this place is Genting Highlands, 69000 Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. It is about 0.24 kilometers away from Resorts World Genting.

User Reviews

2 Chantelle Yee - 4 months ago

Honestly, didn’t expect much because the hotel was cheap and can understand that it isn’t a luxury hotel.

However, two stars given because even though we stayed at the “new” area, it still looked pretty run down. Also, although we selected a non-smoking floor, the smell of smoke was evident in the hallways and even in the room at times.

5 SHEENA OHNANA - 3 weeks ago

Had a 3D2N stay at First World Hotel (Tower 2). Great stay for me and my partner, both of us. We had a small room and it's enough for us. Its very convenient as eatery/restaurants and casino are just few distance away.
The only concern I have is our room doesn't provide the toiletries. We brought our own so we didn't check with the staff.
Overall, still satisfied. Will definitely visit again!

4 Viki Beh - a month ago

Booked the superior deluxe suite, meets the minimal requirement of a hotel. Compared to my last visit in August, the cleanliness is better this time around. Last time the hygiene was horrible, especially the toilet???????? but this time far far FAR better, so far everything seems clean. Also to my fellow vision four watchers, vision four is no longer available???? but I don't mind trading it for the hygiene.

5 Sree - a month ago

Average rooms and service. It was quite crowded too, but the location and ambience is too good if you enjoy a carnival mode. The view from the hotel is awesome . The indoor theme park accessible from the hotel is well renovated and maintained..Good rides options for all ages of kids. Adults can enjoy too..

3 Linda Liu - 3 months ago

Self check-in is easy. There is someone there to assist if needed. Room can be better as 2 of their basin (one inside the toilet) was stuck and dirty. I like the way they put up a sticker at the room door mention room had sanitized. The design of the room is not suitable if going with friends as their bathroom is not fully covered, everything have to hang outside the door before shower (a bit embarrass). Toilet is separated. We are lucky to get a good view without paying extra.

1 Joseph Lye - 4 days ago

First World Hotel with a Third World customer service!!!

[ 25 OCT ]
Booked 3 rooms for our family vacation. Had difficulty checking in on self-help kiosk as my parents have recently renewed their passports.

Hotel staffs gave confusing directions to different queues, before telling us to queue for Kiosk Check-In Assistant. I was eventually greeted by a female hotel staff. She took our passports, left them on the kiosk and told us to wait before walking away.

We waited 10 minutes before realizing that she was actually chatting and laughing with other staffs at another check-in counter. I approached her and politely asked if she was still attending to us. She stared blankly at me, and told me not to disturb her while she was resting on a break!!!

Anyhow, a hotel manager was later informed and helped us with the check-in.
This entire episode had wasted our 1 and a half hour.

[ 27 OCT ]
Had a long and wet day at the outdoor theme park. We were returning to our room to freshen up before dinner. However, found that our hotel cards were deactivated; my wife and I were unable to access to our room (Tower 2, Room 7950).

We returned to the hotel lobby and approached a female hotel staff at Kiosk Check-In Assistant for help. To our horror, this staff interrogated us why we were issued with 2 cards when the room was booked under 1 Genting member card. I patiently explained that we had provided our passports earlier and requested for 2 hotel cards during check-in.

She repeated her question without clarifying her intention. This had dragged on for 15 min, before she was finally convinced to reactivate one card. Without giving any apologies or explanation for the inconvenience caused, the hotel staff rolled her eyes when she returned the card to me.

What a horrible experience with First World Hotel!!! Really dampened our vacation mood!!!

1 Shawna D - a week ago

I won’t recommend. No air con. It’s not cheap. The room is too tiny. Toilet u0026 shower doors have no locks. Water dispenser is broken. Over crowded hotel. Generally quite clean. Self check in kiosks are too few. Queue is long. Lacking of staff. Waiting for lift sometimes is a nightmare. Bed is too short. Disappointed experience. It might be my last time here. Nothing good about this hotel except its own title having 7381 rooms the most rooms in the world . So what ????????????

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