Hotel Godhuli

E - W Hwy, Lahan 56500, Nepal
Hotel Restaurant

Hotel Godhuli is a hotel and restaurant located in Lahan, Nepal. The average rating of this place is 3.70 out of 5 stars based on 153 reviews. The street address of this place is E - W Hwy, Lahan 56500, Nepal. It is about 0.49 kilometers away from विशाल होटल.

User Reviews

2 Sudeep Basel - 2 months ago

Smell of fungas and cigarette can be feeled in rooms, too loud noise of other people drinking within hotel premises as a family visit I didn't stay at this hotel due to feeling of insecure, room quality, and rooms are not worth of 4500 per night. Food was good but not great. All my family member however enjoyed food. Which is good.
Date of visit: 7th ashar
Time :9:40 pm
Type of visit : family traveller

1 let's begin - 4 months ago

I really have awful experience been there two nights . The management is so careless to the customer and the serving is unacceptable and unfriendly. There are lot better places than this.
Avoid outer exposure .
Choose comfortable and vibeful.

4 Shüvam's officiäl - 6 days ago

Had good restaurants service there

1 OJHA PITAMBAR - 4 months ago

No good i don't want go again. And i don't suggest.

3 Rojan Kc - 10 months ago

I started searching for Thakali khana in Lahan, and couldn't find one and ended up here. The food was not that great but the hotel was overall looking good.

1 Ratnesh Shashi - a year ago

I found bad smell at hotel. Some mosquitoes in rooms.
Bathroom were smelling badly. Instead of stay in Lahan we have to move to Bardibas after 1.5 Hrs drive.

I expected best hotel in Lahan, unfortunately it wasn't.

Please improve on sanitation. Clean bedsheets, aromatic smells and good hospitality may attract people to stay there in this Covid-19 situation.

4 Jagdip Awale - 6 months ago

Rooms are clean and tidy. Affordable price

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