Avocado & Orchid Resort

Chaukitol -2, Hetauda Makawanpur Narayani Nepal, Tribhuvan Rajpath, Hetauda 44107, Nepal
Hotel Motel

Avocado & Orchid Resort is a hotel and motel located in Hetauda, Nepal. The average rating of this place is 3.90 out of 5 stars based on 690 reviews. The street address of this place is Chaukitol -2, Hetauda Makawanpur Narayani Nepal, Tribhuvan Rajpath, Hetauda 44107, Nepal. It is about 2.24 kilometers away from Shahid Smarak Park.

User Reviews

3 Alisha Ishar - 2 months ago

The rooms were overpriced.
The service was okay. At the current room price they could have easily included breakfast at least. The food at their restaurant were decent but overpriced.
Overall experience was okay. They can do much more better at the price they are charging us. Hope they'll improve something when we visit them next time.

5 Subodh Raj Pyakurel - 3 months ago

Renowned hotel with well designed restaurant. AVOCADO hotel is well known to most of the people who visit Hetauda. Recently they have added few more outdoor garden restaurant service. Hospitality, test and environment are better improved.
They need to add better wash rooms.

3 Hanan Tarhini - a week ago

Rooms have bad smell, toilet also always having bad smell, the outside is good, the inside is not, too noisy from the early morning, kids running in the corridor, and maintenance work, we have no other choice but to stay there, the lady on the reception was very friendly and smiling all the time, she was the only thing good in this place ????.
We arrives on Friday night, they had a party at the Avocado restaurant, enjoyed the nepalese songs and they put Arabic songs for us as well. People are very friendly.

4 suyasha koirala - a month ago

4 star for room. I was alone and had two beds in a room. Obviously 1 didn't use one bed to sleep but i use it to keep my stuff. When I requested to clean my room, everything was cleaned but the bed unused was kind of messy.

As for food, lassi came with different taste each time I ordered it ????. Jhol chicken momo have tomato soup in it which I actually liked it. I liked in when in veg khana set they gave bamboo shoot.

5 Milan Pangeni - a week ago

A best of class Hotel in Hetauda for events, food and hospitality.

4 Sanjay Gautam - 4 months ago

Located within the city of Hetauda.
Enough space for events.
Rooms are good enough.
Prices are reasonable.
One can stay comfortably when in hetauda.

3 Sameer Tiwari - 3 months ago

Staff were friendly. But the quality and quantity doesnt match accordingly to its price in the menu.

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