Attariya Buspark

RH84+62F, Attariya 10900, Nepal
Bus charter

Attariya Buspark is a bus charter located in Attariya, Nepal. The average rating of this place is 3.50 out of 5 stars based on 876 reviews. The street address of this place is RH84+62F, Attariya 10900, Nepal. It is about 4.66 kilometers away from Dhangadhi Airport.

User Reviews

2 Lokesh Bhatt - 8 months ago

One of the unmanaged bus park ever I experienced while I traveling through the east west highway. You may got the every bus where ever you wanna to go. that's why I gonna go give 2 star for this destination.

1 Prakash koli Sangit - a month ago

today now Many people's are in attariya buspark for travel . All sits are pack of the bus . And many people's are there waiting for bus . But ticket is not available in all bus counters . it's time is festival dashain and tihar. We was going to Baitadi but can't available bus ticket than we are return to home.

3 Raj Tilak - a month ago

This is the center part of 9 district but buspark area is not so cleaned everywhere very dust n people have difficult to walk also.

3 Gaurav chataut - 2 weeks ago

Good space but bad maintenance full of muddy area.

4 roshan bhatta - 3 weeks ago

Its bus park but there is some scams around for tickets so you will get better discount if you buy tickes directly from bus rather than tickets counters

5 Binaya Chaudhary - a year ago

Far western reason's one of main bus station is basically for all long-distance buses including to Kathmandu and all destinations. It is newly open buspark so decorations and management is little bit unsatisfactory. I wish the concern party will solve it soon.

5 FarWestern Rider - 3 weeks ago

Farwest nepals bigest buspark but in poor condition ????

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