Y Lake Recreation Park

Jalan Sejati, Kampung Bahagia, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia
Park Tourist attraction

Y Lake Recreation Park is a park and tourist attraction located in Batu Pahat, Malaysia. The average rating of this place is 4.20 out of 5 stars based on 2540 reviews. The street address of this place is Jalan Sejati, Kampung Bahagia, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia. It is about 2.22 kilometers away from Watsons Batu Pahat Mall (Pharmacy). Y Lake Recreation Park is open seven days a week 24 hours a day.

Y Lake Recreation Park's timetable
Wednesday 24hr open
Thursday 24hr open
Friday 24hr open
Saturday 24hr open
Sunday 24hr open
Monday 24hr open
Tuesday 24hr open
User Reviews

5 Maria Ong - 6 months ago

I love this place where I used to brisk walk with friends after work many years ago. This place is still the same. It is called "Tasik Y" but don't ask me why.???? Perhaps the name is easier to remember. Tasik Y is a man-made lake. There are jogging path, dinosaur sculptures, huts to rest and rejuvenate as well as fountains on the lakes. This is a picturesque landscape .The public amenities like wash room and food stalls are within the vicinity. Highly recommended to all to chill out and exercise. Stay safe with strict adherence to SOP.

5 mehran - 6 months ago

I can't say exactly how many times I have been here,there's many memories created here and the dinosaurs still standing even after 10+ years!.It was such a trademark for this recreational park.Before pandemic,this place have many attractions as well. Kids can play giant bubbles,toys,rent toy cars and hoover board.But now there's only one stall selling food and toys .It was quite pricey actually to be honest.Many plants have been planted since last I have been here and it was impressive. I would love this place to improve more and more.The playground remains the same but there's a few broken one which is fine because some toddler is wild ????.

4 Jingye Yee - 3 months ago

The park is called Tasik Y (or Y Lake in English) due to the Y-shape lake located nearby the food stall. The Y-shape lake is a lake branched into two dividing by a part of green pasture in between.

???? A beautiful park with soothing scenery, and the walking pavement and the playground facilities are considered well-maintained. A good place for jogging or some exercises, and a good place to bring kids along for some family time. You can also grab an ice-cream for yourself after your jog or for your kids at the evening time from a vendor selling the ice-cream in cone or in bread.

???? The only downside about this park is with the public toilet. The group of staffs manning the public toilets are sometimes seen smoking around the public toilet area despite the park being designated as "no smoking area". So one has to stop breathing for a moment when you jog or walk past the public toilet area. And the last time I was here (14/6/2022), the staff shut off the public toilet and left at 6:30pm instead of the stipulated closing hour of 7:00pm.

4 KimmieT - 4 months ago

We came here for a walk after breakfast. Being one of the oldest recreation parks in Batu Pahat, it is still relatively well-maintained. It has some recreational facilities for kids and kids are enjoying the play with the man-made dinosaur.

4 Philanthropic deed - 3 months ago

Beautiful place specially for kids there are a lot of things for kids to play with, beautiful trees and lake

4 Justin Liew - 4 months ago

Nice place to have morning exercise and evening stroll. Do visit when free during your Batu Pahat stay.

4 Low Lee Ling - a year ago

Nice lake park with good jogging track, gym equipments, children playground. Good place for exercise or bring kids. There are two dinosaur statues (only seen two), nice for photo taking

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